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Friendster and Blog
Before lunch, I chatted with connism for a while. We're talking about our "Coal" business and the result is good so far. She also asked me to check my mail since she had invited me to join Friendster. Actually, I don't really interested in joining Friendster but she insisted me. Finally, at last, I did join Friendster for her !!! I just added c1n as my Friendster' friend. Hi Sis !!!

Yesterday, I called my friend, Irene and she told me that she now has a Online Journal aka Blog. I told her that I have blog since 2003... Thanks connism for that !!! She's the one who invited me to join Live Journal. BTW, here's my friend's blog. Check it out !!!

The weather is so hot today, I wish there's a swimming pool here and I could soaked myself in.... Aaahhh... it must be felt good :) Gotta back to work now !!!

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Mber... siapa lagi :) nggak bagus, menurut gue. karena free user nggak bisa ganti layout. yg bagus selain blogspirit: sama

I got an invite on Friendster by Connie.. I don't know, what do I do with / in there? :/ Connie introduced me to the blogging world too! :)

Hehehe... We're the victim of Connie !!!

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