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Busy Day
I just got back from the office and I stopped by in Internet Cafe nearby my home. I chatted with connism for a while. Check my mail and so on...

I'm so exhausted today. Starting at 10.00 AM, I had a meeting with a customer then I had lunch with my Bro "Michael" at his office and finally, before I went home, I met my friend at my office.

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We had Complete Nasi Gudeg for dinner and Es Campur for dessert at D'Best food court. We're so fulled. :P

OK guys... got to go now, I'm so sleepy... NIGHT Everyone :)

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James, you tempting me with food!! lol

I know what exhausted is all about.. have a good night's rest!

Hehehehe... Yummy!!! :)

duh itu es nya... emmm yummy....

btw, no telp kantor bapak yang dulu dah ganti ya???

Iya Teh, kan kantornya udah pindah ke Fatmawati. No telpnya (021) 766 1238.

ooh gitu..baru tau nih pak..

thxfor the phone #, sometime i'll call ya sir ..

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