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Bad Luck = Good Luck !!!
As written on my Yahoo! 360

This morning, I saw a man who's jacking off on the bus... It's so gross... Couldn't he find somewhere else to do that !!! He sat 'bout two seated away from me. He made sick !!! Someone once is telling me that seeing undescent things will bring a bad luck. What a great day to start... huh !!!

The curse didn't work on me... hehehe... On the contrary, I had so much luck today... I could say it's double luck. First, my client paid my translation fee that had been outstanding for two months. Second, my other client also paid me for fixing her Monitor. I was so happy....

I also helped Connie sending her Indonesian Bible Apps for her cellphone... I hope it works !!!

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wah, u are a multi talented person sir ;)

WOAH!! How Gross!!! Is that illegal there? Why are some people so disgusting??

I'm glad you had a great day despite what happened in the morning!

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