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Jakarta's Blacked Out.
As written on My 360

Jakarta suddenly blacked out at 10.30 AM altogether at once. I heard there was technical problem and all the electricity supplies on Java and Bali Island were OFF. Instead of staying in the office which was hot and humid, I went to the mall near by my office.

I had lunch at A&W Resto with my colleagues and wandered around 'till about 2.00 PM. Just in time when the light was ON... hehehe : ) I was fell asleep on my desk after I called Connie. I couldn't stand it... When I woke up, I made my self a cuppa coffee to open-up my sleepy eyes...

Om my way home, my sis Helly called me to inform me 'bout a vacant position in her office... I' m planning to go to her office tomorrow to give my CV. Now, I'm in the internet cafe to send Connie some sis files to her. Anyway... my house still blacks out and I don't know 'till when... : (

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Oh no! I hope there weren't any accidents during the blackout..

Thanks God! We're all fine... but the traffic was so jammed for hours.

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