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I'm Back !!!
It's already 4.12 am here in Jakarta and my eyes are still open wide... After I got bored on my Multiply, suddenly I wanna see my old blog here on Live Journal. I read all my blogs here and it was like flashing back to the past... It reminded me again the time when everything was happier and less complicated than now.

Anyway, Now I'm working as a Sr. Account Executive in a small Advertising Agency. I know you'll be wondering... cuz my last job was dealing with computers and now I'm dealing with Advertising stuffs. Honestly, I'm having a good time working in this Advertising Agency... Pepper Communication and Design is the place I'm working now, it's located in Mampang Area, South Jakarta. Just click link to know more about my company and what we do.

Now, I also live alone separated from my lovely daughter and wife since I am always working late... So, I decided to move in nearby my office. I only meet my family on the weekend. My daughter now, is 5 going to 6 years old. She's now in Primary School. She's very good in Math. I'm proud of her !!!

Gosh... It's almost 5.00 am, I gotta go to sleep now, eventho' these eyes of mine still shining like a sun... Hahaha (^_^) Good Nite... Oops, I mean Good Morning everybody !!!

PS : I promise myself to activate again this Blog

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Nice to see you back! *waves hi*

Hi Sweety... Glad that I did... Miss my old friends here !!!

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