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Long Hours...
Gosh... I'm still in front of my monitor and trying to relaxing myself after long hours... I was tied up since morning preparing things for my presentation today... Thanks God !!! Everything went smoothly... Hoping that I'll win this pitching !!! I gotta go home and sleep... I'm exhausted !!! 

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Bill Bartmann Scam, Not A Scam After All

Great site...keep up the good work.

Re: Bill Bartmann Scam, Not A Scam After All

Thanks mate !!!

Hey Jimmy. Found out that you can import as well as export all your posts from BLogger and Livejournal to and from Multiply!!!

So you can post from Multiply and update and post to all of your blogs at once!

Thanks bro... How goes it?

Been out of work since Oct 30th, 2009.
But, I'm relaxing.

Hey you should put a link to your multiply on the links to the side.

I keep forgetting you moved over there.

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