What happened to me as a child?
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As a child...
Your parents would let you run around naked in your backyard
How did it mess you up?
You bite your toenails
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Wanted !!!
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My Graffity Wall
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Jakarta's Blacked Out.
As written on My 360

Jakarta suddenly blacked out at 10.30 AM altogether at once. I heard there was technical problem and all the electricity supplies on Java and Bali Island were OFF. Instead of staying in the office which was hot and humid, I went to the mall near by my office.

I had lunch at A&W Resto with my colleagues and wandered around 'till about 2.00 PM. Just in time when the light was ON... hehehe : ) I was fell asleep on my desk after I called Connie. I couldn't stand it... When I woke up, I made my self a cuppa coffee to open-up my sleepy eyes...

Om my way home, my sis Helly called me to inform me 'bout a vacant position in her office... I' m planning to go to her office tomorrow to give my CV. Now, I'm in the internet cafe to send Connie some sis files to her. Anyway... my house still blacks out and I don't know 'till when... : (

Mood Ring Generator
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Happy Birthday Andrea !!!
To my dearest hubbaswuba...

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Thanks for being my friend Andrea !!!

Watery Image...
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Happy Day Continues...
It was a sunny morning and I didn't know why I had so much energy to take it out today. Happiness filled my heart and soul... everything seemed so beautiful... A thought crossed my mind... "When the last time I felt like this?" and "What happened to me?" I was trying to figure out... maybe there's some connection to what I had yesterday.

After lunch, I called one of my customer and he's going to sell his old printers. He asked for my help and would give me some extra money for selling his printers. I think my lucky day is still continued hehehe... Thanks God !!!

I missed Connie today... I call her everyday but today I couldn't reach her... Maybe she's already left to Singapore to meet her friend there.

The rain is pouring down heavily now... My room is getting colder and I love it !!! Damn... I forgot to bring my umbrella and I have to wait 'till the rain stops.

Bad Luck = Good Luck !!!
As written on my Yahoo! 360

This morning, I saw a man who's jacking off on the bus... It's so gross... Couldn't he find somewhere else to do that !!! He sat 'bout two seated away from me. He made sick !!! Someone once is telling me that seeing undescent things will bring a bad luck. What a great day to start... huh !!!

The curse didn't work on me... hehehe... On the contrary, I had so much luck today... I could say it's double luck. First, my client paid my translation fee that had been outstanding for two months. Second, my other client also paid me for fixing her Monitor. I was so happy....

I also helped Connie sending her Indonesian Bible Apps for her cellphone... I hope it works !!!

Meme: Why Do You Love Me?
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